Sell Real Estate in Cedar City

Sell Real Estate in Cedar City

Looking to Sell Real Estate in Cedar City?

It is our belief that one of the most important parts of choosing your real estate agent is the ability to communicate. This needs to extend beyond the excitement of initial visit and needs to include things like:

  • Price collaboration - Don't forget to look at comps for properties that have sold and that are still on the market. Communicate with and listen to your real estate agent and decide if timing for selling is more important than trying to sell for more than your neighbor.
  • Prepping the home - A formal inspection may not be necessary at this point, but having a fresh set of experienced eyes on the home to help determine cosmetic issues that may greatly affect the way a potential buyer will see your home can be valuable
  • Understanding the process - Though most agents try to provide as much info and details on the steps and process of selling, do not be afraid to ask questions. Having worked with many first time home buyers and experienced investors we have seen that all have a different level of understanding and the best way to learn is to ask.

Why With Us?

  • We Jump Through Hoops

    Almost anytime of day or any day of the year one of us is available to answer questions, conduct a showing, or update marketing materials.

  • We Take Care of It

    From showings to inspections, lender prequalification follow ups to cleanings. We try hard to make the transaction as easy for you as possible

  • We Have Been Around

    Though we have both been in real estate since 2004 We strive to learn through each transaction and think this is what helps us expand our knowledge and experience.